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This non - surgical non -invasive skin tightening and sculpting treatment can smooth cellulite while melting the fat and helping to tighten the skin. It’s been shown to be effective using radio frequency technology, infrared energy, and mechanical vacuum therapy.

Pre - Care Instructions

  • Drink AT LEAST 16 oz of water
  • avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least 24 hours before and after your appointment
  • Stay away from deep-fried & fatty foods 

Post Care Instructions- 

  • You may resume your daily activities, including exercise immediately after your treatment.
  • You may experience mild pink or red skin, tenderness or discomfort, swelling, tissue firmness or nodules in the treated area. These are all considered normal and rare side effects which resolve in time.
  • Staying well hydrated and engaging in light activity helps mobilize the disrupted fat for processing through the lymphatic system. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day and engage in a regular exercise routine.
  • Results are not immediate with this treatment. Over time you will notice your results, so don’t get discouraged. It takes time for the fat cell to disintegrate. Drinking water will help eliminate these fat cells. Following post- treatment instructions will give you the best results.

Body Sculpting $125

Butt Lift

Stomach/Side Fat

Lower Body Cellulite 

Back Fat



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