Collection: Chemical Peel

We have a variety of different peels that can help with acne, anti aging and hyperpigmentation. The peels allow for the skin to rejuvenate and helps your cells turnover quicker for radiating glowing skin that can help fix certain skin problems. This treatment can be done on the face, neck or hands. 

Options Include-  $80

  • Acne Peel 
  • Aging Peel 
  • Hyperpigmentation Peel 

Pre - Care Instructions-

  • Avoid direct sun exposure prior to treatment.
  • Do not apply self-tanners or spray tans for four weeks prior to treatment.
  • If the skin is irritated from the use of exfoliants like Tretinoin, discontinue use one week prior to treatment.
  • Photosensitizing medications including doxycycline and tetracycline should be discontinued three days prior to treatment.

Post Care Instructions- 

  • Generally, a “sunburned” feeling on treatment area is experienced for up to 24-48 hours.
  • The gradual darkening of pigmentation will occur. Patients are advised not to rub the treatment area or try to scrub the area away. This is part of the healing process and should start to slough off in three to four days.
  • STRICT adherence to sun protection/sunscreen. Direct sunlight should be avoided post-treatment.
  • Resume a regular skin regimen once the treatment area is back to “normal.”
  • Treatment should be scheduled every four to six weeks (depending on treatment reaction) and can be done for a series of two to three treatment.
  • Wear sunscreen consistently!
  • DO not pick at skin peeling

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