Skincare tips you need to know!

1. Know the difference between your moisturizers, creams, and serums.

Serums are to be used in the mornings, before your makeup routine and before sunscreen. Serums are great depending on what you are trying to target. For example, if you have super dry skin serum will be great.

Creams- are used for repairing during the night time. Creams are thicker, anything thicker is used at night time such as eye creams as well.

Moisturizers- can be good any time of day. It's always good to have a good moisturizer! Especially when traveling.

2. Wrinkles! Retinol is the key to younger looking skin. Even if we don't have older skin it's good to always keep that new skin coming in. As we age, our cell renewal process is delayed. Meaning, that baby soft skin we used to have well happen less often. Retinol is an active ingredient meaning it has ingredients that help with your cell renewal process. Like a snake shedding its skin to have new beautiful skin. :)

3. Sunscreen is not only used for skin cancer prevention. But the number one cause of wrinkles is sun damage. So lather up ladies. Some important info when you go shopping for sunscreen is #1 make sure it's broad spectrum. Broad spectrum equals 2 ingredients protection from UVA and UVB rays. UVA- are the ultraviolet aging rays. (Wrinkles, aging) UVB- Ultraviolet burning rays. (What causes you to be tan) why do you get tan? Well it's our bodies fighting mechanism towards the Suns harmful rays. Another one we don't usually see are UVC rays. The cooking rays. Which the ozone protects us from!!! Sunscreen is made up of two main ingredients zinc oxide, titanium oxide. Fun fact think about it we drive on the left side, look at the left side of your face compared to your right. Interesting...

3. Make sure you're getting your money's worth for your product. Follow along, the FDA approves certain products. A Walmart brand cleanser for acne will always be watered down. Because the FDA only allows a certain percent of "active ingredients" like I was talking about before. So they have to water down those products. Second the skincare products you buy from the mall are more expensive but better than grocery store brands. The FDA allows for them to use a higher percentage of ingredients. The best one is where you buy from an actual doctor or your local esthetician. So when you hear you get what you pay for very very the.

4. Cleaning your makeup brushes! I cannot stress this enough. It's pretty disgusting how many germs there are on your brushes. And by the way if you have your brushes in your bathroom you may want to reconsider that. Have you ever heard about your toothbrush being in the same room as a bathroom, little particles may go into your toothbrush such as fecal matter? Ya pretty gross, same with brushes. Second if you have acne you better be washing those brushes frequently At Least once a week. Why do we get acne? Yes hormones for one but bacteria. We don't wash our faces, all of your foundation is gathering more and more bacteria meanwhile you are putting it on your face causing more irritation and Bacteria. So yes let's be smart and wash our brushes! Next week a video will be going up on how you can wash your brushes so keep a lookout for that!

5. Ok this ones a little nasty, but your pillows and bed sheets. Your pillow can harvest so much bacteria it's ridiculous. Same as your phone, all of that drool extra makeup (if you don't wash your face) your skin cells that slough off every night. Yes! All that accumulates and you sleeping on it only being washed once a month will not help your acne. It will start causing those tiny little white zits(milia) and that is one of the hardest acne to get rid of. So let's please wash our sheets and pillowcases.


Ashley Daley