Laser Hair Removal First Time!

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure, it's an intense, pulsating beam of light that is used to get rid of unwanted hair. Since I'm in Esthetics school a lot of the students need practice before they can practice on clients. Well little did I know!! I volunteered not knowing EXACTLY what it was. I had some misconception. I knew it was a laser that basically gets rid of your hair. But I didn't know how long it would take nor how it would feel. Depending on your fitzpatrick type (Skin color) it calculate's what setting you'll need to set for each individual person. Anyways, when you go in for a laser you have to shave, it's not like waxing where you can let the hair grow out. Well, I was getting my underarms lasered so I shaved and went in. My friend Clarissa did the procedure for my first time. She was super nice and luckily she took it slow for my first time. She turned on the laser and thats when i started getting scared! When I'm nervous I start laughing so here I'am laughing like an idiot lol. So she started and the first time it felt like a zap! Like a hot rubber band that snapped on your skin. I won't lie it does hurt. Every person is different for me I'm very sensitive. (A big baby) Well, each underarm took about 2 1/2 minutes. Which isn't bad at all. A total of 5 minutes. At first I was like nope that wasn't worth the pain at all. My underarms weren't sore unlike waxing my underarms get sore. Well the next couple of days I didn't really pay attention to my hair. When I started paying attention; I looked at my underarm and it had been what? I'd say maybe about 6-7 days. Still... no hair. I was surprised because when my hair started growing back it was very slowly. Usually it would grow back super quick. But its like the hair growth process was being delayed. Because it was it was damaging the hair follicle and causing trauma. I've had two treatments after that and I think its worth it. So worth it, I don't have to shave for at least 1 week. Since I had great results I decided to get my Brazilian lasered... For those who do not know what a Brazilian is.. It's hair removal from your genital area. Now that hurt! With laser you're able to buy an over the counter numbing cream. Well they didn't have any available at my school so I had it done with out any numbing cream! Now that really hurt! But hey for the first time i definitely suggest going in without numbing cream because the laser could burn you. You should first find out which setting is most comfortable to you. If your numb you won't be able to feel if its too much for your skin to handle. it's been two weeks since I had it lasered. And its barely starting to grow back, it's so awesome. you have to wait 4-6 weeks each treatment to go back. The reason why is because your hair needs to grow back in the same stage. It needs to be in the anagen stage of hair growth. The anagen stage is the first stage of hair growth where the new hair is produced. I totally recommend it. But just remember that results vary from skin type to skin type. But I love it, the pain is worth it. No more shaving.... So that's a win win situation. Let me know if you have any questions!!!!




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