Get to know me

Hello everyone! A little get to know me. I recently moved over from weebly. It's been challenging! I'am not a technological person, if the world depended on it we'd probably die.

LOl wordpress has been good to me, a lot of cool widgets to use. The reason why I started blogging is because a lot of my friends and family had always told me that I have a voice and people like what I have to offer. Skin care, beauty, hair etc. I've always been a girly girl ever since I can remember. I love getting dolled up for no reason, It's my way of releasing stress. When people say that Make-up is not an art. I'm sorry but I disagree. It's a way of expressing myself with colors. It's a canvas and you can do whatever you would like with it! I recently graduated from esthetics , like I said I've always liked everything beauty. I noticed there were many women who were beautiful but couldn't see it themselves. They needed someone to help them feel beautiful. That's what I chose. When my clients are sitting in my chair. (well laying down lol) It's their time. They can choose to relax, they may have kids a husband our lives get stressful. We need a break sometimes. It's my duty to listen, my jobs as an esthetician is also basically a therapist. For all my others cosmos, esthetis we need to learn not to carry this with us. Leave their problems in the chair. Move on with your day, their problems should not become yours. I'm a lovable person that likes to help people. I want to let my readers know that you are never alone. Life can be shitty sometimes, but we need to pick ourselves up and not all the time we have to be alone. The internet is a big place, it can be good and bad. Use it for good, to inspire, to connect. So please let's help one another. Thank you for having me.


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