Beauty school experience!

Ok y'all lets talk about sacrifices! And this is important! I was in beauty school (esthetics) and man it was it a time of my life that was hard.  If you are considering going to school it's totally worth it!! But just know that you will be making sacrifices and that it will be hard. Let's talk.
Utah esthetics= 1200 hours

Utah Cosmetology=1600 hours

1200 hours full time means you go to school 8-9 hours a day! Holy smokes!!! Plus you have to work! Tuition is anywhere from 12,000-16,000 for esthetics. Isn't that nuts. 9 am- 5 pm school days. Oh and you also go Saturday's. Yep! After 5 I'd have a 1 hour break and start working at 6. At school you don't get paid, you get tips but not paid. And that my friends is how I learned to be a good tipper! It takes sacrifice. But the friends you meet are incredible I have met life long friends (Caela) and so many great people from school.

What does school teach you?

1. Responsibility you wake up and go to school. Don't get me wrong at first I was like noooo I have to go to school today? And you force yourself because if you miss school, you lose those hours. Which means you have to make them up another day. You grow up quickly and learn how to be responsible.
2.  Networking

Networking is soo important! Meet as many people as you can! Those people will get you opportunities and connections. So pay attention who you are friends with. Always exchange information. And be involved in as many school activities as possible.

3. Drama
Listen you are in a school full of women all day long (women at my school lol) you have to learn to get used to different personalities. There will be cliques. Anywhere you go. The "popular" girls same as high school all over again. All I can say is choose your friends wisely. And do not get involved. If someone starts gossiping just stay out of the situation it will be better for you in the long run. I promise you. Just keep in mind that it'll be over soon! 😳😜 it will be hard but it will prepare you for the real world!
4. Hours

Ok guys you are paying per hour to go to school. So make sure you keep track of the hours you're at school. This is very important! Keep a notebook of the time you clocked in and out. That way you have proof that you were at school and that you went from so and so hours.
5. Cherish the moments! 

Ok friends most important cherish the moments. This is one thing I wish I could've done differently. I wish that I would've had more fun and worried less about "oh I need to get 5 more hours!" I just needed to chill, enjoy my friends, do as many treatments as I could. Keep yourself busy! Be the best of the best! The best education you could have is to do as many treatments as you can!
What are your experiences? I'd love to know!!