Underestimated graphic

Story time When I was in my sophomore year of high school, some dude came up to and was like “you’ll be pregnant before you graduate high school.” WHAAAAT. I know right? First of all this person didn’t know my ambitions or dreams. And now I own a house, travelled around the world and have […]

Buying a house at 20 years old, how did I do it? graphic

Buying a house at 20 years old, how do you do it? First you've gotta get through the bad to get to the good right? Well that's exactly what happened. Breakups, family fights, and crisis! Do you really know who you are when you're 20? Well if you do props to you! That's amazing! In […]

Seattle, Vancouver, and Los Angeles trip with my babe! Things to do graphic

  Our Crazy Trip ​​ ​Let me tell you about my trip to Seattle, Los Angeles(IMATS) and Vancouver! This was a fun trip Alex and I went on. Why? We just out of the blue decided to take a trip! And those are the most fun.  We went to so many fun places ALTHOUGH, I […]

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